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't get a tax break. dissenting justices says state law does not distinguish between the dances so it creates constitutional problems. the lawsuit was filed by an adult club "night moves" near albany, new york. that's an amazing buffet and it says they should be exempt from the sales tax. you know what should be considered art? this. >> i rest my case. dan, could you argue that pole dancing is just as difficult as ballet, and perhaps even more difficult than ballet and considered art? >> absolutely. ballet you go to julliard and you study and get all flexible and bendy. >> first position, second position. >> striping you have to dedicate an entire childhood to hard core abuse, drugs, physical, whatever you can, and then do it in heels? by the way, been tonight moves in albany. love theiren are decision of othelo. >> you can talk about the worst parts of a stripper lifestyle, but they will show video that makes it look great. they talk about the drug abuse, the parental abuse, but they show girls going like this and they say oh who cares about the abuse. >> i would love to meet the
. >> that's an emotional poll tax. >> i agree with that. you are a racist. >> i agree with the -- only motivated people. only people who care should vote. and another thing i think they should have mentioned in this article and they didn't was this idea of like i don't vote the party. i vote the candidate. stop that. stop voting for the individual. since when did an individual do anything for you ever? just blindly write r or d. just check the box. that's what i do. i am not a republican. i don't care who it is. the judges r, r, r. i don't look at the name. you pick the party that least defends. >> and to be clear you do this while only wearing a shirt. >> i don't know how you are allowed in there. i frown on this. >> you don't pay attention to the candidates. should everybody stop paying attention and do what tom does? >> no. e is that's a difference of opinion. when they quoted alicia keys her direct quote was if we don't all vote we could burn as a society. that's a good example. she should get her voting pass taken away. >> i think we should vote for one reason and one reason only
earned tax dollars, are going to fund jobs in china. the american people are fed up. that's what matters. > >> sean: good to see you. we're getting close. one week for today. >> we've got good ad for you. >> sean: coming up, mitt romney maintains a strong lead in national polls, coming up next, we look at the swing states, ohio, florida, virginia to show which candidate is leading where. brand new battleground polls coming up right after the break. >> sean: earlier tonight we toll you that governor romney is leading the president in nearly every national poll. now it's time to examine what's going on in the battleground states. they hold the key to this election. joining us now we have doug and pat. guys, good to see you. >> good to say you. >> sean: there's the rasmussen swing poll, 50-46. here's the deal. minnesota, a 3-point race, michigan dead even, wisconsin dead even, pennsylvania close, ohio dead even, virginia close. what are we to make of this. >> oregon is moving to. >> sean: oregon is not going too to go with romney. >> i believe florida, north carolina, probably virginia have
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)